Security 4U was incorporated in 1991, with one working Proprietor. It was anticipated that the company would offer a wide range of Professional Security Services and that it would expand by encompassing new disciplines and employing appropriately skilled personnel. Throughout the 1990s the companies expansion plans developed with further clients being added to the client base, January 2002 brought about the incorporation of Security 4U as the trading style of Forge Security Services Limited, the Directors of which are working with equal share holdings. 

Over the years Marc Carrier, the founder, observed that security services were being readily offered by other companies who neither had the experience nor the infrastructure to provide a truly professional service. Marc Carrier, believes that Security 4U has already made a significant contribution in the contract security field. 

Security 4U now manage and operate contracts for a number of Clients, including Financial Institutions, Property Management Companies, Building Companies, Industrial Estates, and Local Government Authorities. 

Security 4U is still enjoying a steady growth based upon a reputation for providing a first class service, strong management and supervision input at all levels, and for ensuring that each Client is provided with well paid, motivated, and properly trained security personnel.

The Management team at Security 4U generally consists of both ex-police and service personnel, with many years of experience in the commercial security field. There is a tradition of frank, commercially sound contract negotiation, active management involvement and strict security standards on-site that underpins all Security 4U activity.

Security 4U is proud to offer a well established, proven track record in the commercial security sector, and operate to the strict standards of vetting, training and performance required by leading security bodies.