Security 4U has always recognised the need for proper training as part of the induction procedure. Training is not confined to newly employed Security Personnel, it is a proper expectation of every employee that he or she be trained in the requirements of the task to be performed.

This training covers all aspects of the Security Officers duties, including crime prevention, fire prevention, reception duties, prevention of terrorism, and health & safety. This training is given to potential staff at out offices by the Operations Management team. 

Security Officers are then given comprehensive on-site training, supervised by Security 4U Managers, to familiarise them with the assignment requirements and instructions. External training in First Aid, Fire Fighting, SITO or the use of systems can be arranged at the client's request.






Day One           

Introduction to Company Procedures and issue of Uniform

Reception Duty, Visitors, Telephone Etiquette, Appearance.


Crime Prevention, Patrols, Check Points.

Log Book, Incident Reports, Emergency Services.

Day Two

Fire Prevention, Alarms, Types of Equipment

Bomb alerts, Devices, Terrorism, Threat Calls.


Basic First Aid.

Criminal Law, Trespass.

Day Three                                                          


                       Day Shift Training                                                                                                               

Day Four


                       Night Shift Training